With a degree in fine arts and a passion for food and wine, John McJunkin specializes in producing high quality images for premium wine, food, and hospitality clients.

His creative talent shines both in his studio and on location, working to create the brand image his clients desire. John McJunkin developed a taste for photography and travel at an early age, and his passion for both has only grown stronger with time.

He has traveled the world from Patagonia to the jungles of Borneo, creating captivating images that have been displayed in museums and galleries across the country and abroad. During these travels, John sampled a sweeping range of exotic dishes and varied types of wine. He began to experiment with his own style in his kitchen and in-home winemaking.

Along with his wife and Cody (the pup), he settled in McMinnville, Oregon – to have more time to explore his love of food and wine, in the kitchen, in the studio, and on location throughout the Western United States.

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